Twitter conversation about testing

Writing tests isn’t what some software developers associate with good use of time (the argument is usually along with the developers vs. testers line — developers want little to do with writing tests 😂). Many developers believe that the effort to benefit ratio isn’t something that encourages this very crucial step in creating maintainable software because it simply doesn’t help expose edge cases well enough and/or there isn’t enough time. However, most agree on its necessity to keep things in check (just in case). …

At some point in trying to create that next great app or finding a lasting solution to that irk-y software bug or just wanting to fix up a nice new way to code up some functionality that will ensure your code stays DRY — (Don’t Repeat Yourself), we (developers) are always confronted by the need to balance the trade-offs between time spent working on code for a product/service and the overall results achieved for completing a prototype or a release candidate with requisite specifications met. Thanks to the graciousness of “Open source”, we can always find bits of code that…

Ifeora Okechukwu

a recovering perfectionist, unrepentant internet addict, software engineer and gadget freak. Very involved in web applications of the future.

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